L’Internationale supports and is interested in participating in the Multitude Art Prize, due to its similarly critical attitude to the various dominant positions and its similar visions for the future.”
Zdenka Badovinac, Director, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana


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Bill Condon
Founder & Chairman
Bill Condon

Bill Condon began his career in advertising and has developed and refined his entrepreneurial skills in Asia over the last twenty years.  Past business interests include food and beverage, publishing, the Internet and property.  In 2004 he became Chairman of Fundraising Committee for MedArt, a local charity that provided complex surgeries for babies orphaned in Mainland China with life threatening medical conditions. This experience brought into focus the importance of positively contributing to society.

He is a founding Director of the Irish Chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong and Macau and a Director of the Ireland Fund for China.  He is a regular contributor to China Daily.  He has been on the judging panel of the China Daily Newspaper Group’s prestigious national English speaking competition for the past 5 years.  He has participated in every high level state visit by the Irish government to the PRC over the last 15 years.

In 2012 he was invited by the Shanghai Commission of Commerce to help promote Chinese culture to an overseas audience.  He collects contemporary art, Asian antiquities and fine wines.  He is passionate about art, culture and its ability to transcend national boundaries.