The Reina Sofia Museum is eager to engage with the Multitude Art Prize (MAP) project, since it coincides with our concern with emerging cultural forms and artistic practices in the wider contemporary geopolitical context. The Reina Sofía Museum considers MAP as a relevant contribution to the issues which the L’Internationale network is addressing and will support the proposed programme of lectures and debates."
Manuel Borja-Villel, Director, Museo Nacional VCentro de Arte Reina Sofia


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The First Edition of MAP

First Edition of the Multitude Art Prize

DATE: 27-28 April 2013
VENUE: Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art (UCCA), Beijing

Award Ceremony and Exhibition - 27 April, 2013

The Multitude Art Prize is presented to five winning artists, followed by the opening of the exhibition of their works. This represents a cross section of the most inspiring art emerging from Asia today. The works shall also form the backdrop for the discourse programme.

Multitude Conference - 28 April, 2013
Discourse topic:

“We do not have any models to offer for this event. Only the multitude through its practical experimentation will offer the models and determine when and how the possible becomes real.” Hardt and Negri

The Multitude Art Prize aims to explore the relevance of contemporary culture in regions undergoing different forms of political, economic, and cultural change.

2013 topic

Contemporary art institutions are the interface between cultural ideas and publics, and have the vital role of using these ideas to engage the multitude. The question for institutions in different regions of Asia is what constitutes ‘the commons’ for them, and what their thinking is on creating cultural relevance. In other words, how does an institution help make culture matter for their society? As each Asian region faces vastly different challenges, the answers and solutions shall be significantly different. MAP’s discourse programme, "Towards a Museum of the Commons and its Vocabulary", shall bring together a panel of speakers from all over Asia to discuss these issues with speakers from L’Internationale institutions.


We shall publish a full list of speakers soon.