Art is existing in a continuous paradox. The economy around it wants it to function economically; that is, in optimally clearly formatted and manageable ways. Its original drive is opposite to that; art finds its source and vitality in complexity, intensity and high specificity. That is why I have high hopes for an initiative like the Multitude Art Prize, which wants to focus and create a setting in which art is presented on a trajectory that is essentially a quest for meaning."
Bart De Baere, Directeur, Museum van Hedendaagse Kunst Antwerpen (M HKA)

GAO Shiming
Executive Director, School of Intermedia Art, China Academy of Art
GAO Shiming

Gao Shiming’s subject is visual culture research, contemporary art studies and curatorial study.  He has organized many large exhibitions of academic standing, including The Migration of Asian Contemporary Art and Geo-politics (2002-2004), Techniques of the Visible: the 5th Shanghai Biennial (2004), Micrology: Micro-politics in Chinese Contemporary Art (2005), The Yellow Box: Contemporary Art and Architecture in a Chinese Space (2006), The Alchemy of Shadows: the Third International Lianzhou Photo Festival, Reversing Horizons: Artist Reflections of the Hong Kong Handover 10th Anniversary (2007), Farewell to Post-colonialism: the Third Guangzhou Triennial (2008) and Rehearsal; the 8th Shanghai Biennale (2010).

He has published several books including Visual Thinking: Intangible Dialogue between Art and Phenomenology (2002), Edges of the Earth: Migration of Contemporary Art and Geo-politics in Asia (2003), Mask and Mirror: Visual Studies on the Real and Reality (2010) and All Things Lethal Remain Unutterable (2011). He is a recent fellow of Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute, and his recent research project is titled Rehearsal, or, Art without Artwork.