L’Internationale supports and is interested in participating in the Multitude Art Prize, due to its similarly critical attitude to the various dominant positions and its similar visions for the future.”
Zdenka Badovinac, Director, Moderna galerija, Ljubljana

Award structure and process

How many winning artists will there be each year?

The project’s theme of “multitude” means that several people who, when placed together, can approach the idea of a ‘multitude’ through contemporary art.
Five winners shall be selected, with a group show of their work.

Who is elegible for the award?

The geographical area defined by ‘Asia’ includes East Asia, South East Asia, South Asia, Central and West Asia up to and including Turkey at its western most point.

Artist conditions:
  - 50 years of age or under
  - Artists based in Asia of Asian descent, or artists based outside Asia of Asian descent who
    were brought up in Asia at least until graduation from middle/high school, or artists not of
    Asian descent who have lived and worked in Asia for at least five years and are integral
    part of that region’s art scene.
  - Artists who demonstrate unique ideas through their practice and have made an important
    body of work over the past two years.

Nomination of the Artists

An eight-member committee of Asian and non-Asian partner curators and institutions shall nominate five artists each to create a list of 40 nominated artists. Committee members shall rotate each year to ensure fresh perspectives.

Selecting the winners

As the Multitude Art Prize aims to explore the relevance of contemporary art in a larger cultural context, it is important for the selection process not to be confined to the art world. Members of the discourse panel shall be invited to form the jury who select five winners from the list of 40 nominated artists. There shall be five members of the jury, of which three are from Asia and two from outside of Asia.