Art and artists are the places and people that can show us how the world is changing. Given the rapid economic advances in Asia over the past 20 years, it seems essential that new cultural connections are build across the continent so that we can all gain a greater understanding of what is happening at the roots of Asia's different societies. The Multitude Art Prize offers a wonderfully multi-faceted project to achieve this. With its nomadic exhibition and discussion programme, Multitude can build up a series of rich encounters across Asia and offer a unique new insight into what our collective future might hold.”
Charles Esche, Director, Van Abbemuseum

The UCCA is thnilled to host the first edition of an art prize that not only looks articulate a oritical regional sensibility in Asia, but to contribute to the critical conversation around artistic production here in a context where new talents are often immediatly overtaken by the logic of the market, the idea of a prize that runs in paralel to a discursive program is particular apt "
Philip Tinari, Director, UCCA Beijing


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Colin Chinnery

Colin Chinnery is an artist and curator based in Beijing. He was Director in 2009 and 2010 of ShContemporary Art Fair in Shanghai, China’s largest contemporary art fair. Before that, Chinnery was Chief Curator/Deputy Director at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA) in Beijing, where he was instrumental in setting up China’s first major contemporary art institution. Between 2003 and 2006, as Arts Manager for the British Council in Beijing, he initiated major projects in experimental theatre, live art, sound art and visual arts, bringing a wider public into contact with experimental practice.

An active artist in his own right, Chinnery co-founded the Complete Art Experience Project (2005-6), an artists’ collective whose works were presented in several important exhibitions in China and United States, including the 2005 Guangzhou Triennial. Chinnery has also served as artistic advisor to a wide range of institutions and events, ranging from Tate Collections to Norman Foster’s Beijing International Airport.

"There cannot be one understanding of Asia as each of its cultural regions are in constant political, cultural and economic flux. What does this state of flux mean for new cultural ideas to emerge and how can different regions of Asia take inspiration from each other? As a cultural producer based in Asia, this is one of the most interesting questions to explore. Consequently, the Multitude Art Prize has been established to provide an annual platform from which meaningful dialogue and unique exhibitions can be created, opening up new potential for artists and audiences alike."