The UCCA is thnilled to host the first edition of an art prize that not only looks articulate a oritical regional sensibility in Asia, but to contribute to the critical conversation around artistic production here in a context where new talents are often immediatly overtaken by the logic of the market, the idea of a prize that runs in paralel to a discursive program is particular apt "
Philip Tinari, Director, UCCA Beijing


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The Route Ahead

The Route Ahead

The first edition of the Multitude Art Prize takes place in China, one of the most visible and dynamic contemporary art scenes in Asia. For its second year, the region in which we are actively exploring institutional collaborations is West Asia.

After several editions of the Multitude Art Prize, in which five artists win each year, there shall be a substantial number of important artists, artwork and discussions that institutions outside of Asia can use to mount interesting shows. We hope to establish collaborative projects with prominent institutions outside of Asia who are interested in showing the most interesting Asian contemporary art to their audiences.