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The Július Koller Society (SJK) is a non-profit association of citizens whose aim is to preserve, research, enrich and relate to the public the artistic heritage of Július Koller. A collection site and archive of the artist’s work, a research and study centre, as well as a place for public debate and reflection, the SJK organizes domestic and international projects and activities in the areas of fine arts, art history, visual studies and cultural theory.

It furthermore encourages the exchange of ideas and information in these fields, challenging the canons, geographies and master narratives of established art histories. Opposed to a reduction of arts and culture to their economic, populist or merely spectacular aspects, one main focus of the SJK is to research and highlight the specific conditions and histories of anti-canonical, peripheral and hitherto marginalized artistic practices.

The Július Koller Society is contributing to the long-term collaboration of L'Internationale with its unique archive of the Slovak artist Július Koller (1939-2007). His archive and artistic heritage covers a wide range of the visual culture of the socialist time – from design and technology to everyday culture – and is to a big extent in the hands of SJK.