The Reina Sofia Museum is eager to engage with the Multitude Art Prize (MAP) project, since it coincides with our concern with emerging cultural forms and artistic practices in the wider contemporary geopolitical context. The Reina Sofía Museum considers MAP as a relevant contribution to the issues which the L’Internationale network is addressing and will support the proposed programme of lectures and debates."
Manuel Borja-Villel, Director, Museo Nacional VCentro de Arte Reina Sofia


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Museu d'Art Contemporani De Barcelona

The mission of the Museum for Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA) is to explore, present and research contemporary art production in the horizon of today's socio-economic conditions. Over the last decade, the Museum has adopted a leader position not only through the well-researched exhibitions dealing with key aspects of a metamorphic Modernity but also through an intense public programming, the newly founded Research Center, the critical Study Programme and its commitment towards education. The collection is a key reference tool of the institution to develop its program guidelines. With over 4000 works, it is an example of research into a non-canonical understanding of art history. The whole represents an effort towards a different reading of how Modernity takes place differently, how reception works in contemporary art as well as the best way to engage our audiences in understanding the place we are and the futures we can articulate from here in terms of culture.

L'internationale represents the possibility to understand our research with the collection in a collaborative context creating a system of partnership with institutions sharing the same sense of responsibility towards art history writing and education. Access is key to the project. The MACBA collection will then become a source for others to study and exhibit works creating a fruitful form of dialogue and interpretations of the materials.